How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting [Updated 2023]

Zoom makes it easy to schedule meetings with a variety of options. For example, a host can choose from a number of different meeting durations, ranging from five minutes to two hours.

In addition, the host can select the attendees that will be invited to join the call or video conference. This allows them to easily create and manage their meeting schedule.

Another great feature of Zoom is the ability to recurring meetings. This is perfect for team meetings or catch-ups that need to happen on a regular basis. Simply select the frequency of the meeting and when it should end, and Zoom will automatically create the meeting for you.

Scheduling Meetings at Zoom

There are multiple methods to schedule a Zoom meeting. A host has control over which method is used for a meeting.

  • Schedule from the Zoom desktop client or mobile app
  • Schedule from the Zoom web portal
  • Schedule for someone else – PDF Guides for Executive Assistants (Outlook, Google)

For instructions on scheduling using Zoom plugins and extensions, see:


  • Zoom does not support scheduling a meeting on Zoom directly from Google Calendar.
  • Your scheduler settings are synced from the Zoom web portal. If necessary, choose the “Use my personal Zoom settings” option.
  • If you set up calendar and contacts integration with Outlook, those settings are synced to your personal Zoom account.
  • It is possible to schedule a meeting on Zoom for someone else by sending an invitation to their email address.
  • If you schedule a Zoom meeting with your Personal Meeting ID (PMID) and do not specify a Meeting ID, Zoom will automatically set the Meeting ID to your PMID.

Schedule from the Zoom Desktop Client

  • Open your Zoom client and sign in to Zoom.
  • Click the Schedule icon to open the scheduler window.
  • After that, select your meeting settings, enter meeting details, and click Schedule.
  • Enter a Meeting ID if you would like one to be created. The Meeting ID is required for host control over joining meetings. Click Schedule Meeting or Save as New Meeting if you want to adjust the settings before scheduling a meeting.
  • Click Add Participants to invite other Zoom users to join your meeting by entering their full email address or their user name for Zoom. If you would like the invitation sent via SMS message, click Create Invitation and enter an optional note about your meeting.

Schedule from the Zoom Mobile App

  • Sign in to the Zoom mobile app.
  • Click Schedule in the lower right corner of your Zoom mobile app home screen to open the scheduler.
  • In the Scheduler window, select your meeting settings.
  • If you want to customize a Meeting ID, enter a Meeting ID and click Save as New Meeting. Zoom will automatically set the Meeting ID if one is not entered.
  • Enter locations for your meeting. Click one of the Add Location buttons to enter a location name, address, or coordinates.
  • Select participants for your meeting by entering their full email address or user name on Zoom.
  • Click Create Meeting to create the new meeting on Zoom.

Schedule from the Zoom Web Portal

  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  • After signing in, click the “Meetings” tab and select the Schedule a Meeting option.
  • Then, You will be asked to enter your meeting details, such as meeting topic, date, time, description, template, time zone, Recurring meeting, and so on.
  • Click “Next.” You can send an email invite using this link or create a meeting code.
  • If you want to set up the scheduling assistant in Outlook, Google, etc., choose the “Use my personal Zoom settings” option and skip this step.
  • Click “Send Meeting Invite.” Your recipient will receive the meeting invitation with the link to join your Zoom meeting.

Schedule A Zoom Meeting For Someone Else

  • You can schedule a Zoom meeting for someone else by sending an invitation to their email address.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address in the Scheduling Assistant field click Search. The Scheduler Assistant displays any matching contact entries in your personal meeting list.
  • If there are multiple contacts with similar names, you may need to select the correct name from a list.
  • Choose the correct attendee and click Schedule Meeting. An email is sent to the attendee containing a link they can use to join your Zoom meeting.


  • The invitee must have an active Zoom account to accept the invitation. If you schedule a meeting using someone else’s request or appointment, that person becomes your guest. They are yours to control until the next guest is scheduled.
  • The invitee cannot schedule a meeting on your behalf or edit any details of an existing meeting that you created on their behalf.
  • You can manage all Zoom meetings for which you are the organizer in the Meetings tab on the My Schedule page in the web portal.
  • A non-recurring Zoom meeting ID will expire 30 days after the meeting is created. After that, you can click it to schedule a new meeting or click Edit to change the date and time.

Final Words

So, these are the methods to Schedule a Zoom Meeting. Overall, scheduling a meeting with Zoom is quick, easy, and flexible.

Whether you need to set up a recurring meeting or simply schedule a one-time call with a few colleagues, Zoom makes it simple to get the job done.

So why not give it a try today? For more guides related to the Zoom, visit our website

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