How To Hold A Zoom Meeting

Zoom meeting is a virtual meeting that allows you to meet with participants from all over the world. Zoom meetings are beneficial for businesses who would like to save money on travel costs and time, but it can be difficult to hold one. So, we’ve compiled a list of some quick tips for how to hold a zoom meeting!

How To Hold A Zoom Meeting?

These are the steps to Hold a Zoom Meeting:

Prepare for the meeting ahead of time

Before holding your zoom meeting, make sure that everyone is ready to attend the conference with enough time. Also, beforehand, check whether there are any software requirements they need to download ahead. If someone can’t join your meeting due to a lack of pre-requisite applications, it will save you time by having them download what they need before the meeting.

Schedule your zooming time

If you are scheduling a business meeting, you might want to include some overlap times for the people working in different countries. For example, if you have employees in Europe and Australia, schedule your call for 7 pm GMT+8 since it will be the evening for the European employees and the morning for those in Australia.

Show your face

When holding a zoom meeting, it is important to show everyone on the call who you are to feel engaged with you. Try always to maintain eye contact with someone while talking to them since it helps build a connection during a meeting.

Take the call seriously

Zoom meetings are not like conference calls where you can multitask and do other things while talking to people on the phone. Zoom meetings require all of your attention since everyone is in a virtual meeting together, so make sure you’re taking this seriously if you want precise results!

Do a test call

It is always a good idea to do a test meeting before the actual call so that you can figure out all of the kinks. Did your screen share not work? Can everyone hear each other? It is best to have all of this figured out ahead of time, so set up a time with your team members beforehand to iron out the issues.

Final Words

Zoom meetings can be great for your company, but they aren’t always the easiest to pull off if you don’t have much experience doing them. So make sure you check out these tips for how to hold a zoom meeting and try them out with your next conference!

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