How do I Transfer Ownership of a Zoom Meeting

Zoom provides an easy way for individuals and businesses alike to communicate through video conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboarding, and more. Zoom also offers the ability to transfer ownership of meetings if necessary. This article will go into detail on how this process works!

How To Transfer Ownership of a Zoom Meeting?

  • First, you must be in an active meeting with Zoom to transfer ownership.
  • Once you’re logged in, pull up the “Tools” menu and click on “Export Meeting Invitation.”
  • A pop-up window will display the Zoom Meeting User license under “Meeting Information” that you want to export.
  • To begin transferring ownership, select your users by selecting multiple check boxes or individual entries using CTRL + Click.
  • After that, notify them of this action through email or SMS text message.
  • You can also send a link via Skype or another messaging service to ensure they receive it quickly.
  • Afterward, once everyone has accepted the invitation to your new meeting, open the File menu once again and click on “Save As.”
  • This will save the Zoom Meeting User license in a new file that you can edit or add to quickly.
  • Make sure to send out all files from your original meeting invite through a service such as, Google Drive,, Hightail it! Or any other service of your choice.
  • You have successfully transferred ownership of a Zoom Meeting!

Zoom provides 24/7 customer support in case you need assistance during this process. If you continue experiencing issues with transferring ownership of a meeting, please use their live chat feature to respond instant from their support staff.

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