Can I Use Bluetooth Headphones In Zoom App

With the increasing number of online classes, people wonder if they can use Bluetooth headphones in Zoom. The answer is yes; you can use Bluetooth headphones you want with Zoom video conferencing software!

If your mobile device has a 3.5mm headphone jack port, then you could just plug in the headphone and play the audio through your mobile device itself as well as through your Zoom meeting. There is no problem if it doesn’t have a headphone jack port.

However, using Bluetooth headphones that connect with your mobile device wirelessly lets you keep your hands-free for your meeting content and activities even while receiving audio for the Zoom call.

Plus, it’s just more convenient than having multiple cables running across your workspace. A few Bluetooth headphone models also allow noise canceling, stereo sound, etc.

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Use of Bluetooth headphones with your Zoom meetings

If you are thinking of using Bluetooth headphones with your Zoom meetings, here are a few tips to remember :

Turn off Bluetooth on your mobile device if no paired Bluetooth headphone is connected to it. This will ensure a smooth audio connection to other users in the meeting.

However, if you have 2 or more Bluetooth headphones connected while your meeting is in progress, you need to keep Bluetooth enabled on your device.

Also, turn off the noise canceling feature of the Bluetooth headphone if it has one. This will prevent any echo or feedback noises from disrupting the meeting sound quality. If you are using a wireless speaker with your Zoom call, make sure to turn off the Bluetooth on it too.

If you are using two Bluetooth headphones for your meeting, make sure to use them in both ears – one headphone for each ear like a classic 1980s call system. If you listen to Zoom audio with just one headphone, you might miss out on some of the other participants’ voices.

On Android, you could use a Bluetooth toggle widget to turn off and on Bluetooth from your home screen quickly. On Apple devices, you could use the Bluetooth option in the Control Center.

If your mobile device has an onboard battery level indicator, check it before every call to make sure your device is powered up enough. This is important because if there’s a sudden power loss or battery depletion during a meeting, the audio quality will degrade over Bluetooth.

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