Bookshelf Virtual Background For Zoom

Bookshelf Virtual Background for Zoom is a wonderful option to use with your Zoom video conferencing system. It’s perfect for Zoom home office, libraries, and classrooms! This background features bookshelves on three of the four walls and an open space on the fourth.

Additionally, it includes built-in lighting with dimmers and has backdrops that are not included in the kit that can be added to this background kit.

Bookshelf Virtual Background for Zoom

Bookshelf Virtual Background For Zoom

What is included in the Bookshelf Virtual Background?

The Bookshelf Virtual Background in Zoom Room includes four bookshelves and lighting to go with these shelves. These shelves are not included in this kit: you can add them to your current background or use different ones! The wall mount features built-in dimmers for the lighting, but the dimmer function will not work with other lamps or bulbs.

How to Make Bookshelf Virtual Background For Zoom?

  • Click on the down arrow next to your video sign in the lower-left corner.
How to Make Bookshelf Virtual Background For Zoom
  • Choose Virtual Background from the menu and select the green screen option.
Bookshelf Zoom Virtual Background
  • Click + button under the “I have a Green Screen” block; if you don’t already own one, tick the box I am using it checked to know what type of background is being used.

If possible, try finding simple backgrounds like white walls because those will work best when trying out different kinds for this project.

Pros of Using a Virtual Background with Zoom

Using a virtual background is an excellent option to use with your Zoom video conferencing system. You can use it at home, in your office, and in classrooms. Click Here for some Zoom Home Office Backgrounds.

Here are some pros of using virtual backgrounds:

You can change the background instantly. For example, if someone is coming into your Virtual AA meetings room, you can switch the background with one click of a button on your control unit or presenter box.

You can set up different backgrounds for different occasions. Virtual backgrounds are easy to use and offer the ability to customize the appearance of your backgrounds with different colored backdrops.

Is the Bookshelf Virtual Background right for your Zoom video conferencing system?

Maybe! The background measures 4′ wide by 6′ tall and can be mounted on a wall.

If you’re not comfortable with mounting it on the wall, you could also put this background in front of a couch or table and prop up one side to make it look like the bookshelf is leaning against something; this will give you more height if needed.

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